Simple story that shows how our comfortable life could involve existance of animals that live far away from us.
Music by Jose Gonzalez.


It was an experiment for a complex reel production using my old Olympus photo camera to shot hand on video, motion tracking for stabilization/parenting digital content and compositing to make some sort of intro video. Music by my favorite Forss.



This is my old, refreshed video were I was attempting to animate words and messages into well known objects. The idea was to show the time-lapse from the year of founding to the present day. I don't want to make it dynamic, so I make it more demonstrative and slow. It is not a commercial, but I was using a real company and real event to train my skills, it was fun.
Was used Modo, AE, Premier and Fruity, for the music.


I always want to make something bigger than just short promo videos, so i turn on computer and try to make a short story, max simple and clear. So after half a week of endless work it was transformed into movie about friendship. I was inspired by Pixar's Wall-E. I like b&w pictures with color elements, so i choose that style and begin making layers in Photoshop to make realy atmospheric picture. I count (in my mind:) over 20 different layers that i composed in 3d composition in AfterEffects. Robot was made in modo. Then it was animated into image sequence, and imported into composition.

Most hard (for me) part of the movie- sounds. Open Fruity, make sound (drag synth triggers, pan, pitch, beat control and more...) that ~what you want, place it in Vegas- bad. Than all again.

This is how montage looks like:

Final shots (three different parts):